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"A 24-year-old young doctor from IAB"

Ms. Hitomi Ito, a doctor course student at the Graduate School of Media and Governance, received her doctoral degree from Keio University on 28th March at the early age of 24.


Spring Science Camp 2008

A science training program for high-school students from all over Japan was held on Mar 25-27, 2008 at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Keio University in Tsuruoka. The event, Spring Science Ca...

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"Collaborative Research Agreement with BioSigma S.A. (Republic of Chile) - Leaching copper from ores using microbial biotechnology -"

IAB and BioSigma S.A. (Republic of Chile) have started joint research on bio-mining (mining technology using micro-organisms). This research will be carried out in a new research laboratory establishe...

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Metabolome analysis for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis

IAB researchers announce that they will start metabolome analysis to develop diagnosis methods for Alzheimer's disease , in collaboration with the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology.


"Bottom-up genome assembly using the Bacillus subtilis genome vector"

Dr. Kenji Tsuge and Dr. Mitsuhiro Itaya's research group, directed by Dr. Masaru Tomita, published their results about the development of methods to iteratively construct DNA sequences on the scale of small genomes in collaboration with Mitsubishi Kagaku Institute of Life Sciences in Nature Methods (Dec 2007; doi:10.1038/nmeth1143).

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"Karada-kan", a cancer information center for Tsuruoka citizens established

IAB opened "Karada-kan", a cancer information station for Tsuruoka citizens in the Chido library, part of the Center bldg. of TTCK(Tsuruoka Town Campus of Keio).


IAB software to find new-type tRNA genes released in collaboration with Rikkyo University

Software developed by Junichi Sugahara and Nozomu Yachie from the reseach group directed by Dr. Akio Kanai and Dr. Masaru Tomita, is now freely available to find new-type tRNA genes. The tools were developed in collaboration with Dr.Yasuhiko Sekine's research group at Rikkyo University.

Their results were published in Science (Vol.318 no.5849, pp.450-453).

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Mr. Hiroya Masuda, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications visited IAB.


IAB student wins prize at GlobalTiC Talentrepreneur Award

A doctoral student at IAB, Mr.Kazuhide Sekiyama was awarded the 1st prize of Best Spirit of Entrepreneurship Award in GlobalTic Talentrepreneur Award & Forum in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Metabolome analysis for high-quality beer production

Dr. Tomoyoshi Soga's research group under the direction of Dr. Masaru Tomita succeeded to develop yeast strains that are useful for high-quality beer production using their established metablome analysis techniques, in collaboration with Kirin Brewery Company.

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