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IAB research project selected by CREST

A research project proposal by Dr.Tomita, director of IAB, was selected as one of the the projects of The Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology program (CREST) of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

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21COE Young Scientist Symposium

21COE Young Scientist Symposium The 21COE Young Scientist Symposium was held at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences on Sep 20-22 2004. Twenty-eight graduate students from the Graduate School of Med...

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Bio Finance Guild 2004

The Bio Finance Guild 2004 , a biotechnology training program for investors sponsored by Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., was held at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences on August 27-28, 2004.


Summer Bio College 2004

A bioscience training program for high-school students living in Tsuruoka city and Keio-affiliated high-schools was held on Aug 5-7, 2004. The event Summer Bio College 2004 was sponsored by Tsuruoka c...

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&Minister of Science and Technology Policy Award in recognition for industry-academia-government collaboration performance&

Director and professor of the Institute for Advanced Biosciences Keio University, Dr. Masaru Tomita, associate professor Dr. Tomoyoshi Soga, and director of Keio University Intellectual Property Cente...

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E-Cell Tutorial 2004

The E-Cell Tutorial, a two week program for cell modeling using E-Cell3, was held at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences on April 12-23.

The tutorial was composed of two sessions. The first session offered a basic introduction to modeling and simulation using the E-Cell3 software, and the second session was reserved for individual modeling projects. All materials used in the tutorial are available from the E-Cell Tutorial web page.


Development of Biosimulation Software: E-Cell Simulation Environment

Institute for Advanced Biosciences researcher Dr. Kouichi Takahashi has published an article on the development and implementation of "a multi-algorithm, multi-timescale method for cell simulation" in the March 1st issue of Bioinformatics.

The E-Cell simulation environment can be freely downloaded from the E-Cell Project website.

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4th Keio Intellectual Property Center Prize awarded

Associate professor at the Institute for Advanced Biosciences, Dr. Tomoyoshi Soga, was awarded the 4th Keio Intellectual Property Center Prize for his research on capillary electrophoresis mass spectr...

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Collaboration on developing support system for diabetes diagnosis and treatment method with Sysmex Corporation

Healthcare and medical equipment firm Sysmex Corporation announces the development of a support system for diabetes diagnosis and treatment using simulation results based on the E-Cell simulation envi...

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E-neuron project: simulation model of brain hippocampal signal transduction

Research results on the modeling and simulation of brain hippocampal signal transduction by Institute for Advanced Biosciences project research associate Shinichi Kikuchi was published in Neural Networks (vol. 16, Issue 9 , November 2003, pp 1389-1398) in the article "Kinetic simulation of signal transduction system in hippocampal long-term potentiation with dynamic modeling of protein phosphatase 2A".

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