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< High School Students Bio-Summit in Tsuruoka>

Since the 2011 academic year, we have been holding the annual summer "High School Students Bio-Summit in Tsuruoka", in which high school students from throughout Japan gather in Tsuruoka City to give presentations on their daily research results or discuss how bioscience should be in the future. About 259 high school students from 70 schools nationwide participated in the 12th Bio-Summit, and 119 oral presentations were presented. The 13th Bio-Summit is scheduled to be held from August 21 to 23 2023. Details will be announced later on the following website:

Organizer: Organizing Committee, High School Students Bio-Summit in Tsuruoka (IAB, Yamagata Prefecture, Tsuruoka City).

< High School Student Assistants / High School Student Interns >

In May 2009, we started "High School Student Assistants(U18)" in which we employ students from Tsuruoka Chuo High School, Yamagata Prefecture, as student assistants. In the 2022 academic year, eight student assistants are working on seven research projects.
Furthermore, in the 2011 academic year, we launched "High School Student Interns" in which we accept high school and technical college students who have big dreams of becoming world-class researchers earning doctoral degrees in the future as student interns, and fully support their research activities on their own themes.In the 2022 academic year, a total of 14 high school students from six schools in Tsuruoka City and Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture were engaged in this program.

<Keio Summer Bio College(KSBC)>

This is a program in which high school students of Keio gather in our research institute, and can experience the fundamentals of biotechnology. We have been implementing the program every year since the 2001 academic year, for the purpose of creating interest and intellectual curiosity about science among high school students through practical learning experience, including genetic engineering and computer analysis of genomic information. (KSBC has been canceled in 2020, 2021 and 2022.)