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Bioinformatics, the combination of the fields of Biology and Information Technology, is expected to play a major role in the 21st century life sciences.
This Program, re-formulated in 2001, is unusual among graduate programs worldwide for merging two laboratories, the bioinformatics laboratory at Keio's Shonan Fujisawa Campus (Bioinformatics program) and the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (Experimental Biology / Systems Biology program) at the Tsuruoka Campus in Northern Japan.
In the advanced computer network environment of the Shonan Fujisawa Campus, courses using computers such as "bio-simulation" and "genome analysis programming" are offered, while the Tsuruoka Campus offers, among other things, the latest DNA sequencing, mass spectrometric and NMR technologies to perform experiments and analyses at both a qualitative and quantitative level.
Courses are centered on projects such as computer analysis of genome sequence, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, which together with cell simulation that represent some of the most recent and advanced fields of research.
We have also done away with the seniority system and emphasize the individuality and creativity of the students. Within Keio's atmosphere of academic freedom, instructors and students do research together.

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Systems Biology

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