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HOMENews&Events 2005年 Talks by visiting scientists on 7th Oct

2005 News

Talks by visiting scientists on 7th Oct

10:05 Biolab tour(Director, Masaru Tomita)
13:00 Welcome address (Tomita), IAB overview(Martin Robert)
13:30 Presentation (30min. each)
13:30 John Tyson Virginia Tech
"Cell Cycle Regulation in Bacteria"
14:00 William Hlavacek Los Alamos National Laboratory
"Metabolic Pathway Discovery"
14:30 Pablo A. Iglesias Johns Hopkins University
"Modeling the cell's sense of direction"
15:00 Tea break
15:30 Seminar by Blagoy Blagoev hosted by Yasushi Ishihama
"Phosphorylation dynamics of signaling networks by quantitative proteomics"
16:30 Closing address by Kumar Selvarajoo